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Friday, December 27, 2013

A year ago today, we lost my mother, Marie LaPlaca Bohrer.  She passed away just six days after her dear brother, my Uncle Frankie.  They were the last of the seven Affisco siblings.  It was a difficult Christmas this year without them, but we are grateful for the many holidays that we did have with them.  My sister, our husbands, our children, my grandson, and all of our cousins treasure the fond memories we have of them, my dad, Aunt Betty, Uncle Al, Aunt Connie, Uncle Chuck, Aunt Katie, Aunt Helen, Uncle Joey, Aunt Millie, Uncle Bernie, Uncle Tommy, Aunt Rosie....and of course, our grandparents.  We will never forget them and all of the memories made on 18th Street.
Uncle Frankie and my mom in 2011

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