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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Book Launch at the Lindenhurst Memorial Library Today

Sofia's Stoop Story: 18th Street, Brooklyn's first book signing at the Lindenhurst Memorial Library was a huge success. (Despite technical difficulties.)  I was touched to see so many people attend. Former students who are adults now, current students, colleagues, friends, parents, former neighbors, and even my former Language Arts Coordinator, Chris Nagle, came all the way from Larchmont!  Thank you to all who attended.  I am blessed to know so many wonderful people.  And a GREAT big thank you to Robby for my beautiful roses!  And another HUGE thank you to my publisher's entire family for selling the books!  Thank you Jude, Francine, Jude, Dominick, and Anna!!! 


  1. Sofia's Stoop Story is a wonderful trip down memory lane. I too lived on Long Island and we would go to Greenpoint, Brooklyn each Sunday to have dinner with grandma and grandpa. They owned a grocery store on Nassau Ave and lived across from McGoldrick Park. Everything purchased at a store had to be fresh that day or grandma would bring it back. They cooked the braciole, meatballs and sozeecha! After dinner we would go out on the stoop or in their postage sized backyard with their fabulous garden of figs and vegetables. The illustrations bring you right back to those simple pleasures of days gone by.

  2. I'm so pleased that it brought back fond memories of Brooklyn Sundays for you. Although this is a children's picture book, I think adults enjoy it just as much, or more. Thanks for your comment! :)