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Saturday, February 1, 2014

My publisher sent Carl Furillo, Jr. two copies of my for him and one for his brother.  This morning, he surprised me with a phone call.  What a personable guy!  (But, I already knew that, we have spoken before.)

Carl told me that he is not an emotional person, but the story brought tears to his eyes.  He said he loves the warmth of the whole story, the Italian family, and the stoop.  He said it brought back childhood memories of his days living in NY.  And he loves Uncle Frankie's story of his dad.  We talked about Filomena, (which was his grandmother's name) one of the store owners in the book.  Carl said that his dad loved his mother dearly.  He told me that she was heartbroken when her son, Carl Sr., went away to play baseball.  Oh, and Carl told me that he loves the we all do!

Today he is going to bring his copy of the book to share with his mom who will be 92 on Tuesday.  I hope Mrs. Furillo enjoys reading it, especially Uncle Frankie's story about her dear husband, Brooklyn Dodger, Carl Furillo.

I was truly touched that Carl Furillo, Jr. took the time to call me and share his feelings about Sofia's Stoop Story

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