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Saturday, January 31, 2015

It's been a while...

So sorry has been a while since I have posted.  I could give you a hundred reasons why, but I won't.  However, I do want to share two school visits.  One was at the only elementary school at Ocean Beach on Fire Island, Long Island, NY.  There are a total of 36 students in the school and the principal is also the superintendent.  The classes are multi-grade classes with approximately 8 students in each class.  Everyone was so warm and welcoming.  I would love to teach, I take that back...I would really LOVE to be a student there!  I was picked up at the Captree Boat Basin by a wonderful "bus" driver in a 4WD SUV.  We rode along a narrow road and also on the beach.  He made a couple of stops along the way to pick up one student's laptop and another student's instrument from their homes.  What service!  What an experience for me!

I also visited a school on the bay in Wantagh.  I was invited by my friend's daughter, Mary.  This was another unique experience because Mary is in a multi-age classroom.  There are 75 students in the program, 25 in each class made up of first, second, and third grade students.  They were all attentive and polite.  They seemed to enjoy Sofia's Stoop Story and had wonderful questions for me.  They especially loved talking with an Italian accent just like my Nana did.  "Meat-a-ball!"

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